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Skilled Landscape Lighting Treatments

GardenArt Landscaping offers led or halogen landscape lighting.When you think of lighting, you invariably think about the effect that it will bring to your property. And in order to get an amazing effect, you will need to contemplate the light source itself. If it is your home that you are lighting, you will want a light source that delivers a full light range that does not alter the colour perception when looking at it. If you want real colours to show through, then a low-voltage halogen or the newer more groundbreaking LED light sources ought to be considered.

Both of these light sources have a CRI rating of 80, which just means that a person can more accurately see the true color. The higher this rating, the more ideal the colour perception is. You will not want to go below 80, especially when speaking of outdoor lighting, since it drops out too many shades of the colour and it will seem distorted.

At Garden Art Landscaping, we recommend to use high-quality fixtures that are specifically developed to accommodate these light sources. The higher quality ones are more resilient, they are rust proof due to the fact they are made with heavy-gauge copper and brass; they are created and guaranteed to last.

We offer free design services with our packages, using affordable LED and halogen low-voltage lights.

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