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The Splendor Within Softscape Designs

GardenArt Landscaping provides our clients with the very best low maintenance softscape products for your gardens.What exactly is softscape design, you may ask? Well, it refers to the use of all living material, such as trees, shrubs, and lawn, and the manipulation of the soil in your landscape; basically all the elements that soften the landscape.

Garden Art Landscaping can create enduring, low maintenance softscapes for either your residential or commercial property. We tailor-make the design to enhance your uniquely beautiful outdoor surroundings. We make sure that we select plants that will grow to their full potential while taking into consideration plant shapes, colours, and textures. Both softscape and hardscape designs work jointly as fundamental elements to reaching a detailed landscape design.

We use only the very best plant materials from the finest local nurseries in our softscape installation, which include:

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