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Why Choose Garden Art Landscaping?

Our company takes landscaping designs to a whole new level. We are committed to delivering the real truth to our clients on what they need to have, and do not require, to retain a gorgeous healthy green lawn and landscape.

Top Ten Reasons to Select Us:

1. The proprietor is proud of the company and stands by all the work that is carried out. That is why he personally visits each and every project site prior to, throughout and at the end to make certain that all the work is being completed to the high standards that are expected. If you ever have any inquiries, he is always readily available to answer.

2. Our team of specialists performs all the work on your property. No work is outsourced to subcontractors.

3. The environment is always at the forefront of our minds. Whatever task we undertake, we make certain that all budgets and the project's effectiveness are considered without disruption of top quality standards.

4. Our landscape designs are exceptional. We consult with you on what the best options would be for your specific circumstances and desires.

5. We respect you in every way and in every step of the project. We support each and every client with the same degree of exceptional care. We are trustworthy, prompt and polite, with a promise of full satisfaction.

6. We are there for you throughout the entire project; making sure you have full comprehension of all design elements. We will never make any decisions without complete disclosure and acceptance by you.

7. We impart know-how to you openly, outlining everything as we go along. Then as the project is nearing an end, we will go over what future care will be necessary so that there are no surprises. Of course, if you ever have questions, feel free to contact us.

8. We have respect, not only to you but also to your property. We arrive on time in a company vehicle and make sure that no part of your property is disturbed beyond the job site itself.

9. All of our team members are highly skilled and trained regardless of what division they are in. For us there is work to be done all year round since we have specialists in many different seasonal aspects of landscaping.

10. We take great pride in our work and have been in business for over a decade. Even after the current project is completed, you can count on us for future projects, or to maintain this one. We are always there for you!

And last, but not least! If you find that you need another reason, contact Garden Art Landscaping today at (647) 291-8875, and discover our receptive assistance.