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All you have to do is say NO to that blotchy looking grass forever and say HELLO to stunning wholesome and radiant grass. Accomplishing this is just a phone call way and not only are you helping yourself, but you are also supporting the environment at the same time.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation:
It all starts with a dream. We will do the rest!

It is essential to have your sprinkler system installed by suitable professionals to guarantee that they are functioning in the way that they are so intended. At Garden Art Landscaping, we can install modern and ergonomic products for your lawn sprinkler system to give you that distinctive look and feel that you desire while accomplishing a high level of performance. These installations vary in their complexity; from blanket lawn sprinkler systems spanning a large area, to lawn sprinkler systems that focus on a precise growing area. This typically involves the use of intelligent sensors that detect soil and weather conditions so that each planting area is given the suitable amount of water.

From irrigation and lawn sprinkler planning to installation and service, we do it all. Let Garden Art Landscaping help you enjoy your investment!

Drip Irrigation Systems:

If you are mindful of the natural environment and want to do your part to conserve water, then drip irrigation may be right up your alley since this type of lawn sprinkler system helps you use water efficiently. This is typically the favoured alternative for flowerbeds, around trees and luxurious gardens since the water contact to the areas are minimal. And another benefit is that there is virtually no water runoff, deep percolation, or evaporation.

Regardless of whether you need a straightforward setup or a more sophisticated sprinkler system program for your lawn and flower beds, we are here to help ensure the task is done right!


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