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Lawn Maintenance. Residential | Commercial

Of course, waving a magic wand will not give you that perfect lawn that you always desired. Having a luxurious and green lawn, with the nicest landscape design on the block that just makes your home a showpiece to all that view it, does not have to be just a dream.

GardenArt Landscaping can make this dream a reality and then some.

When you choose Garden Art, there is no need for a magic wand because the on-site experts will manage your entire lawn maintenance requirements for you with no worries.

Personalized Lawn Care Services in Etobicoke

Many think of lawns as snowflakes; no two shall be alike. Each lawn should be unique, which means that a different technique is needed. A one size fits all lawn maintenance approach that some companies provide is just not going to cut it. Garden Art Landscaping inspects and evaluates each lawn prior to generating a lawn maintenance program. When you select us for your lawn care, you know that you will receive the finest personalized service possible that will make your wallet and lawn delighted.

Lawn Development and Maintenance

We pride ourselves on being there for our clients all year round. We are in it long term, whether it is to make sure that your lawn is developed to the highest specifications or to maintain a luxurious elegance to a green yard that you can be proud of; we possess the resources to do it. From seeding to regular maintenance, we will certainly be keeping your lawn looking fantastic from month to month.

Maintaining Etobicoke Lawns Chemical-free

Just talking about environmental safety and commitment is not enough; you have to live it every day. That is what our company stands behind; bringing safety to Etobicoke homeowners seeking the best in lawn maintenance. We don't use any chemicals and that includes organic mixes. This is because we firmly believe in Mother Nature's organic abilities; we just add a little natural push to be all that it can be. We make sure your lawn is protected and safely managed.


  • Maintenance
  • New Install
  • Seeding & Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • NO Harmful Chemicals
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