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Snow Removal. Residential | Commercial

Our snow removal team is dedicated to your removal needs around the clock, seven days per week, including holidays. We keep track of weather conditions so that we can make timely assessments of each property to determine what service will be most appropriate. Once the assessment is complete, we create an action plan so that the proper equipment and resources are applied for each property under our care in a most timely and efficient manner as possible.

How nice would it be to wake up after some snowfall to an already plowed driveway and clear walkway and sidewalk that is safe to walk on? Well at Garden Art Landscaping, we can ensure that this is a reality!

Commercial Snow Removal

Learning how to successfully combat winter storms in Toronto cannot be taught in a classroom or read in a book; it takes experience. That is why choosing a proper snow removal company is an essential decision for many companies such as commercial and industrial complexes, hospitals and medical facilities, retail establishments, shopping malls, and others who cannot afford to have weather disrupt the natural order of the day for all concerned, whether it be employees or clients.

Snow removal is a necessity considering that it is your obligation to ensure a clear, safe passage for those who visit your establishment. In fact in Toronto, snow removal is required under the City of Toronto Bylaws. With our snow removal team, when it snows, you can be guaranteed that Garden Art Landscaping will provide you and your patron's piece of mind.

We Plan for Snow

Our snow management team has the expertise needed in dealing with Toronto's unique weather patterns and storm systems.

  • We use modern methods and products
  • We make a snow removal action plan for each property
  • We work 24/7 to remove snow and ice
  • We work quickly and efficiently
  • We are reliable - we will show up!
  • We monitor weather changes 24/7
  • The snow removal team has a 100% focus on snow and ice removal

  • We Use Modern Equipment

(Elimination damages to your property)

  • 24Hr Monitoring
  • 24HR Snow Removal
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