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Some kind words from a few of our loyal and satisfied customers.
Annie Webber | City: Toronto

I recently moved to Toronto and wanted work done to my front yard. I am so glad that I found GardenArt Landscaping to make my front yard beautiful. They were able to make suggestions on what could be done that I didn't even think of. They were professional and courteous and got it done in the time that they said they would. Needless to say, it turned out great; even better than I had originally envisioned. Thank you GardenArt for all your expertise!

Andy Muray | City: Toronto

Hi, everyone I am Andy and I am telling you that using the year-round service for yard maintenance from GardenArt Landscaping is pice of mind we been using them for three years and we are pleased with the service, thanks to them we are spending our time for ourself. Do what we did call GardenArt Landscaping and you will have more time for your self while your yard is looking good and the snow is removed for you. Thanks again .

Kory Popovic | City: Toronto

Hi, I am having GardenArt Landscaping doing my snow removal is the best decision we ever made.Snow is removed professionally and in very good timing after snow stops. Thank you very much for your hard work. Best regards Kory.

Mark Wesh | City: Toronto

GardenArt Landscaping is taking care of my commercial property with year round service. My tenants are very happy, I have a piece of mind with GardenArt Landscaping on this property. Thank you .

Alex Duran | City: Toronto

GardenArt Landscaping is taking care my property with year round contract including snow removal, fall clean up,yard maintenance ,we don't have to do a thing and we don't have to worry about a thing, every thing is perfect. Thank you.

Mike Dule | City: Toronto

What I like it about GardenArt Landscaping is the fact they deliver what they say. I had my hardscape done by GardenArt Landscaping and it is the best investment I have don on my yard, we been enjoying our back yard more than ever now. Thank you GardenArt Landscaping, you are going to be on our speed dial.

Andre Panayoty | City: Toronto

I recently used the service of GardenArt Landscaping and my yard looks fantastic! Everything was out of shape before but when GardenArt came and fixed up my yard it was perfect if I entered it in a garden contest it would win first place. Out of all the landscapers I've tried, and I've tried a lot, GardenArt was the best! I would recommend him to anyone. Go to for more information.

Ann Corkum | City: Toronto

I was so happy that I chose Garden Art Landscaping to do by property makeover. The team was awesome from start to finish and my yard and garden couldn't look better! The best thing is that they delivered everything that they said they would, for the price that they said they would - and that is rare these days. I will definitely use them again and have already told my friends. Even strangers have commented on how great my yard looks, which makes me feel good too.

Anton Beli | City: Toronto

Hi, if anyone needs a landscaping company GardenArt Landscaping is the one to go. We used GardenArt Landscaping for a project on our yard and we are speechless ,our yard looks 100% different,it is more space now more color more joy.Thank you GardenArt Landscaping.

Spiro Dyplec | City: Toronto

What a great job that GardenArt Landscaping did on my yard,I can't believe it is my yard and my driveway.Keep it up the great work. Best regards.

Manny DaSilva | City: Toronto

I am so impressed by Garden Art Landscaping's team. WOW, the job they did was impeccable. They came through with flying colours. These guys are the very best in the business. Looking forward to working with this company very soon. You truly get what you pay for. That's all I have to say

Frank Lapela | City: Toronto

I want to thank Hamlet and his great team for the awesome job they did for me. I found the team to be very professional, the price was also very reasonable. I would recommend Garden Art Landscaping to anyone looking for a no B.S company because personally I am sick of companies promising the world and not delivering anything. Thanks again guys.

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